System Setup

At this point you should have already joined your sponsor’s JDILife team and your sponsor’s Power Lead System team.  Please note that Power Lead System and Lead Lightning Gold Level are the same thing, and at the time of this writing the cost is $53.97 a month.  You MUST be a Power Lead System / LL member at this level, in our team, to receive your MONTH Share in Art’s Advertising Co-op!

To make the “Comfort Zone Marketing” system work properly, you must have your Power Lead System SALES FUNNEL set up properly first.  Here are the Simple Steps to accomplish this task. 

Step 1: Connect JDI to Power Lead System

AFTER you have joined JDILife (JDI International), you need to add your JDILife Unique Web Address to your Power Lead System Back-Office. Watch this video for simple instructions.

Step 2: Choose JDILife

In the Power Lead System back office, you want to choose “JDILife” as the company you promote.

Setting Up Your Sales Funnel System

Now it is time to set up your “Sales Funnel” with Power Lead System.  This is Super Simple and includes the Landing Page and Email Auto-Responder. 

Step 3: Purchase Domain Name

The domain name you purchase will be the web address that you use in promoting your business. This might sound a little difficult if you've never done it before... but actually it's Very Simple! Please watch the video.

Step 4: Share Code

Once you have your Domain Name, You will need access the Landing Page and Emails that I've created by using a "Share Code". Simply copy and paste the “Share Code” into the “My Sharing Codes” section in your PLS back-office. This Video will give simple instructions on how to use the “Share Code” and locate the “Landing Pages” and “Auto-Responder Emails” that I created.

Share Code: 526006-expressmlm

Step 5: Choose Landing Page and Emails

Even though you’ve used the share code to download the Landing Page and Emails… there are still many Landing Pages and Emails listed in your PLS back office. So the next step is to Connect them by choosing the “Landing Page” and “Emails” you will use with the "Comfort Zone Marketing" System. The following video shows you how.

Landing Page = JDI Comfort Zone Marketing System
Email = JDI System


Step 6: Check Email Links

VERY IMPORTANT: The next step is to check the links in the Emails to make sure they lead back to YOUR JDILife and Power Lead System Pages. The following video demonstrates how to achieve this simple step.

Step 7: Test the System

Once you have the above steps completed, you will want to TEST your Landing Page and Emails to make sure Everything Leads Back to YOUR JDILife Web Address and YOUR Power Lead System Web Address. The video below demonstrates how to test your information.

More Information

NOTE: If you ever have any problems with setting up your PLS system, check out the PLS Generic Set-up Videos. The Video Below shows how to find that link.