Sales Funnel

Our Professional “Sales Funnel System” Does the Selling For You 24-Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year!

Here is a complete Professionally Designed System that can Take Your JDILife to the Next Level of Home Business Success!  This is the “Secret Weapon” that can Catapult You Ahead of Other Network Marketers! 

Maybe you’ve been struggling to make money in a home business or maybe you’re brand new to the home business industry… Either Way, the “Comfort Zone Marketing system IS FOR YOU!  This proven system consists of Art’s Advertising Co-op, which you read about on the home page… AND… a Professionally Designed Sales Funnel!

FACT: The average person needs to study a home business opportunity several times, before deciding to join.  You probably didn’t join any Home Business Opportunity at first glance, and neither will most of your prospects.

Consistent Follow-up is Marketing 101 for those who truly want to succeed!  That’s easy-peasy with our proven “Comfort Zone Marketing” system that Does the Selling and follow-up for You

This Professional Online Sales Funnel combines an enticing “Landing Page” with a Professionally Designed Series of Emails that consistently encourages your prospects to join your JDILife Team.

Added Bonus: Join Our Power Lead System "Sales Funnel" and Your Landing Page Link will be Added to Our Advertising Co-op Absolutely FREE!

(As long as you remain active in my PLS team at the Gold Level, you remain active in Art’s Advertising Co-op)

The "Comfort Zone Marketing" system Utilizes the Power Lead System Because It Gives Our Members the Sales Funnel Tools Needed... Extra Lead Generation Training... Plus the Opportunity to Earn a 2nd Income!

If you truly desire to succeed in 21st Century Network Marketing, You NEED a Complete Online “Sales Funnel” System!  That’s what you get with the Power Lead System.  Watch this Video for More Details.

Our Pre-Designed Landing Page and Auto-Responsder Emails Make Set-Up Super Simple!

Power Lead System also offers an Extremely Lucrative Compensation Plan.  Watch this Video for Complete Details. 

Sponsor 3 and It's Free!

With the PLS Compensation Plan You Can Generate a Flood of $20 Monthly Residual Commissions Plus 50% Matching Bonus That Can Add Up to THOUSANDS Per Month!

Online Tools + Extra Income

With the Power Lead System you get a complete "Sales Funnel" System, with the Exact Same Landing Page and Emails that I use. Set-Up is Super Simple! We give you complete Step-by-Step Instructions, and If you ever need any assistance during set-up, we're glad to help!

Generate FREE Online Leads

Power Lead System also Gives You Professional Lead Generating Training as Part of the Gold Membership! This Coveted Training Teachers You How to Generate Even More Free Leads Through Social Networking.

Two Ways to Generate Leads for Your PLS Sales Funnel

Art's Advertising Co-op

As a Member at the Gold Level of our Power Lead System team, you get a FREE Monthly Position in Art's Advertising Co-op. Prospects from that Co-op are sent to YOUR "Landing Page" which re-directs them to YOUR JDILife website. The System then automatically follows-up with them!

Your Own Marketing Efforts

Generate as many leads as you wish through your own marketing efforts. Use Direct Mail or Online advertising; the choice is yours. Power Lead System actually trains you how to generate FREE Leads through Social Networking. Your marketing directs prospects to YOUR "Landing Page" which redirects them to YOUR JDILife website. The System then automatically follows-up with them!

The "Comfort Zone Marketing" System Enhances Art's Advertising Co-op

Art’s Advertising Co-op and the Power Lead System “Sales Funnel” work Hand-in-Hand to create the “Comfort Zone Marketing” system.  This System was specifically designed to help everyday people succeed in their own home business.   The “mini-pages” I’ve developed are contained in the Power Lead System.  This means your prospects are never re-directed back to, where they might click on the co-op link again.  When a prospect enters from Your Landing Page, they view Your JDILife Website and receive Your Follow-Up Emails, which directs them back to YOUR JDILife webpage!  This is a carefully designed system that benefits YOU the Most!

Join Our JDI Team and Our Power Lead System Team... and You're Added to Our Advertising Co-op Every Month... Absolutely FREE!

Check the Email You Received for Your Sponsor's Power Lead System Link

How to Start Your Power Lead System Sales Funnel

Join JDILife from Your Sponsor's Link

If you're not already a member of our JDILife team, the first step is to join JDILife from Your Sponsor's JDILife Website.

Join Power Lead System at the Gold Level

If your sponsor is already using our Power Lead System Sales Funnel, you will find their link in one of the follow-up emails you received. If you don't know the link, CONTACT YOUR JDILIFE SPONSOR. If your JDILife sponsor is not part of our JDILife team, contact Art Rayburn, using the information at bottom of this page. Remember: You MUST be a member of our Power Lead System team at the Gold Level to receive your FREE Monthly Position in Art's Advertising Co-op.

Set Up Your PLS Sales Funnel

Use the Landing Page and Emails that I have developed to set-up your Sales Funnel System. This is easy. Click on the System Setup link for simple instructions.

Have Your Link Added to Art's Advertising Co-op

Contact me, Art Rayburn, so I can add your Landing Page link to Art's Advertising Co-op! Contact information listed at bottom of page.

It's That Simple!

Q: If I’m already an affiliate in Power Lead System or JDI, do I have to join again under your team?
A: Yes.  We only make money from the 2 affiliate programs.  To use our “Comfort Zone Marketing” system, you MUST join both affiliate programs under our team. 

Q: Other than the Free Advertising Co-op, How do I build my business?
A: Our Team offers various Marketing Materials, Resources & Systems that can be used in building your business.  Plus, as a Power Lead System member you’ll learn how to generate Social Networking Leads, absolutely FREE!  Check out the Marketing Resources Page for complete details.  

Q: Do I have to join the Power Lead System to be part of your JDILife Team?
A: Of course not.  We highly recommend it, but it’s completely optional and your choice.  We’re excited to have you on our JDILife team, even if you choose not to join Power Lead System at this time.  If later on you see the benefit of our Professional Sales Funnel System, you can always join PLS at that time.