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Here is the simple reality… If you can generate a sizable amount of REAL leads to your Landing Page… you can Make Money with almost ANY home business… including ExpressMLM. But the real problem is how to generate REAL leads to your landing page.  This is where most people stumble in building their business.  On this page I’ll show you the Most Cost Effective Ways to Generate REAL Prospect Leads. 

Where to Get Online Leads

Be Aware: Don’t fall for Online Traffic Generating sites that promise Thousands of hits or new members for X amount of dollars! Those programs are scams! There are many so-called “Lead Generating” Websites and Companies that will promise you something like 10,000 Hits for Only $50… or whatever. Let me say it again… THESE ARE SCAMS! DON’T WASTE YOU MONEY ON THEM. Many will claim they have discovered some lead generating secret unknown to Google, or Yahoo, or others. In reality, all they are doing is sending computer generated “Robo-Hits” to your website or landing page. These are NOT real people! These are FAKE website hits that trick you into thinking your getting a bargain, when in reality, you just getting RIPPED OFF!

You Want "Real Eyeballs" Looking at Your Landing Page

FIRST: Study the training material in Power Lead System! This is some of the BEST lead generating training material you’ll ever receive… it even shows you how to generate FREE leads through Social Networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Log into your PLS back-office and study this information intently.

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NEXT: If you’re interested in BUYING real online leads, which I do… listed below are the only sources I have found to be legitimate. This is a short list, because reputable online sources are difficult to find… but I will continually add to this list as I find new ones, that I’ve personally tested. Even though I’ve tested these sources, I do not guarantee specific results.

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Off-Line Advertising

Placing your own advertisement in a Home Business Magazine can a very cost effective way to build your business.  The number of home business publications have dwindled greatly over the last few years, but here are the best remaining ones. 

Shore to Shore Magazine
CHA Services
PO Box 1980
Rogue River, OR 97537  


Introduction to Mail Order
G&B Records
PO Box 1660
Conway, SC 29528


Dan McCarty
PO Box 912
Anderson, IN 46015


For larger circulation Magazines go to:  (Offers Free Typesetting)