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JDILife is poised to the Next Multi-Million Dollar Home Business Opportunity!  And our JDILife Team is poised to be the #1 Group in the company.  Why?  Because we offer Professionally Designed Sponsoring Resources & Systems, including my Extremely Effective Advertising Co-op!

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JDILife is a Network Marketing Company that is Debt Free and Poised for Explosive Growth.  This Company offers Unique and Patented Products, plus a Compensation Plan that helps the “Little Guy” succeed in his or her Own Home Business!  Watch this brief video form more information!

The JDILife Compensation Plan is designed to benefit both the person new to Network Marketing and the Full-Time Professional!  Watch this brief video to learn more about the Extremely Fair and Lucrative Compensation Plan!

  • MutliVitamin-MultiMineral with Neustem™ Cell Nutrition Support
  • NeuStem™ Cell Helper
  • Vita-Stim™
  • MultiStem (Multi with Vita-Stim added)
  • CBD Plus™
  • JDI Veral™ The Manly Aid

Watch this brief video and learn how “Adult Stem Cell Nutrition” can fast track your home business!

This Compensation Plan was designed to help the Everyday Person Create Long-Term Wealth!  Whether Your Goal is an Extra $500… $2,500… $7,000 a Month or More… this Compensation Plan Helps You Achieve It!

Art's Advertising Co-op Helps Grow Your JDILife Business Faster!

Here’s How the Advertising Co-op Works:  I pool together the money of co-op participants, and place both Online Ads and Offline Ads.  When prospects respond to those ads, they are directed to this website.  When the prospect clicks on one of the JDILIFE Links listed on this web page… they are redirected to the JDILife website of the next co-op participant in a round-robin fashion!

Super Simple! Very Effective!

Consider This Extremely Important Benefit:  Art’s Advertising Co-op actually helps turn your “do nothing” members into “Active Monthly Business Builders!”  Participating in my co-op is EASY!  And when your downline members join my co-op, it actually Helps Build YOUR Home Business!  This LEVERAGING at it’s Finest!

The Cost to Join Art's Advertising Co-op is ONLY $50 per Month

...and the FIRST MONTH is FREE!

Join Art’s Advertising Co-op through PayPal and the First Month is Free!  Starting with the second month, your Credit or Debit Card is charged $50 per month.  

You Have Complete Control of the Monthly Subscription.  If you ever want to cancel the subscription, you can do so from your PayPal account or simply return to this page and click the cancel button. 

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After you have joined JDILife as an affiliate, simply return to the website and join my advertising co-op!

It's That Simple!

Q: What if I already joined JDILife under another sponsor, can I still participate in Art’s Advertising Co-op?
A: No.  We only make money when our team member’s make money, so you must be part of my JDILife downline team to participate in the co-op.

Q: Can I join JDILife as an affiliate without participating in the Advertising Co-op?
A: Absolutely.  If you wish to build your business utilizing a different marketing method, that’s fine.  

Q: Do you offer other marketing resources, such as postcards or flyers? 
A: Yes.  Click on the “Marketing Resources” link at the top of this page.

Q: Will Art’s Advertising Co-op do all the work for me? 
Wouldn’t it be great if Success was a “free ride”, but it’s not.  Any home business opportunity takes Time, Effort, and at least a small amount of Working Capital.  Art’s Advertising Co-op is designed to HELP build your downline team.  This co-op sends Hot Prospects to the landing page or JDI website of our members in a “round robin” fashion from this website.  Those prospects are generated from both Online and Offline Advertising. 

Q: Am I guaranteed to make money and get new members to join with Art’s Advertising Co-op?
A: This is a home business “opportunity,” that requires time, effort and at least a small amount of working capital.  My advertising co-op is designed to help members generate real qualified prospects, but I can’t make them join.  As with any business, there is risk involved, but the “POSSIBILITIES” are Limitless!

Q: Do you offer a Money-Back Guarantee for “Art’s Advertising Co-op.”
A: No.  It’s impossible to predict the effectiveness of ANY advertising campaign.  Anyone who tells you other wise, is simply lying.  With this in mind, there are no refunds.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me with the information listed at the bottom of this page. 

– Art Rayburn