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I’m about to show you how 2 Profitable Affiliate Programs… combined with the ExpressMLM FREE ADVERTISING CO-OP… Creates an Auto-Pilot Wealth Building System for People just like You!


There are 3 Websites You Need to View to Get a Complete Understanding of this Powerful Money Making Business!

This First Website is This One!

The First Website you need to view is the one your looking at right now! Please take time to view this website completely. It will answer most, if not all of your questions.

2 Other Websites Listed in Email

The links to the Other 2 Websites You Need to View are in the Email Message You Received after entering your information on our Landing Page. Check Your Email Right Now (including your spam folder) and make sure you received that Email Message. It’s Extremely Important!

STOP:  If you didn’t receive the Email Message, go back to the Original Landing Page and re-enter your Best Email Address!  You need that information!

The ExpressMLM System is Comprised of 2 Affiliate Programs, So You Earn Two Streams of Income with One Simple Effort! And Out FREE Advertising Co-op Makes Business Building Easier!

The First Affiliate Program is...

JDILife (JDI International) is a Network Marketing Division of Emergent Health Corp., which is DEBT FREE and Poised for Exponential Growth.  Watch this brief video to learn more about the company behind this Very Lucrative Home Business Opportunity!

  • MutliVitamin-MultiMineral with Neustem™ Cell Nutrition Support
  • Vita-Stim™
  • CellViver™ Weight-Loss Shake
  • JDI Miracle Serum
  • JDI Veral™
  • SAS Flower of Youth Facial Lift Spray

With many more products to come!

For More Information on the JDI Product Line, Click the Link in the Email You Received!

This Compensation Plan was designed to help the Everyday Person to Create Long-Term Wealth!  Whether Your Goal is an Extra $500… $2,500… $7,000 a Month or More… this Compensation Plan Helps You Achieve It!

For More Information on the JDI Compensation Plan, Click the Link in the Email You Received.

The Key to the Success of the NMplus Online System is our FREE Advertising Co-op… which needs our 2nd Affiliate Program to Make It Work!

Power Lead System Gives You the Online Tools Needed to Operate a Successful Business!

If you truly desire to succeed in 21st Century Network Marketing, You NEED a Complete Online “Sales Funnel” System!  That’s what you get with the Power Lead System.  Watch this Video for More Details.

Our Pre-Designed Landing Page and Auto-Responsder Emails Make Set-Up Super Simple! Check Your Email for More Details!

Power Lead System also offers an Extremely Lucrative Compensation Plan.  Watch this Video for Complete Details. 

Sponsor 3 and It's FREE!

Note: Refer back to the emails you received for FREE Trial Information. 

With the PLS Compensation Plan You Can Generate a Flood of $20 Monthly Residual Commissions Plus 50% Matching Bonus That Can Add Up to THOUSANDS Per Month!

Online Tools + Extra Income

With the Power Lead System you get a complete "Sales Funnel" System, with the Exact Same Landing Page and Emails that I use. Set-Up is Super Simple! We give you complete Step-by-Step Instructions, and If you ever need any assistance during set-up, we're glad to help!

Generate FREE Online Leads

Power Lead System also Gives You Professional Lead Generating Training as Part of the Gold Membership! This Coveted Training Teachers You How to Generate Even More Free Leads Through Social Networking.

Plus... You Can Generate a Flood of $20 Monthly Commissions!

You'll Find Your Sponsor's Link to the "Power Lead System" in the Email You Received!

Income Stream #1

Join JDILife

Income Stream #2

Join Power Lead System

Simple Set-Up

Set Up PLS Landing Page and Email Auto-Responder. Use My Pre-Built Landing Page & Emails for Super Simple Set-Up!

Free Advertising Co-op

The ExpressMLM "Free Advertising Co-op" Assists in Building Your Business by Sending Prospects to Your Landing Page!

The ExpressMLM FREE ADVERTISING CO-OP is designed to ASSIST YOU in Building a Profitable Affiliate Home Business.  Simply join our ExpressMLM Team in both JDILife and Power Lead System (Gold Level)… and Your Landing Page will be Added to Our Free Advertising Co-op for a FULL 6-MONTHS

We generate leads by placing Advertisements in National Home Business Magazines and through Proven Online Sources.  When a prospect responds to one of our ads, our Automatic Rotating System sends the prospect to the Next Landing Page in a “round robin” fashion.  Every ExpressMLM member gets an Equal Share of Landing Page Hits.  

When one of those prospects submits their information on Your Landing Page and decides to join ExpressMLM… they will be Joining YOUR JDILife and Power Lead System DownlinesWe pay for the advertising; YOU Get the New Members!

PLUS… Every Member You Sponsor into ExpressMLM will be Added to Our FREE Advertising Co-op; LEVERAGING Your Growth in Both JDILife and Power Lead System… even after your first 6-months!

6-Months of National Advertising could easily cost you up to $6,000!!!  But once you join our JDILife and Power Lead System Team… You’ll be Added to our Advertising Co-op Absolutely FREE for a FULL 6-MONTHS!

Q: Do I have to join both affiliate programs to use the Express MLM System?
A: Yes.  The two affiliate programs work together to help you earn the most money possible.  Without the two affiliate programs, the system is ineffective. 

Q: If I’m already an affiliate in one of the Programs, do I have to join again under your team?
A: Yes.  We only make money from the 2 affiliate programs.  To use the ExpressMLM system, you MUST join both affiliate programs under our team. 

Q: Am I guaranteed to make money?
A: Of course not.  This is a home business “opportunity” and not a traditional job.  As with ANY home business opportunity, there is no guarantee of income… but with our ExpressMLM system the Income Possibilities are LIMITLESS!

Q: Will your Free Advertising Co-op do all the work for me? 
A: Wouldn’t it be great if Success was a “free ride”, but it’s not.  Any home business opportunity takes Time, Effort, and at least a small amount of Working Capital.  The ExpressMLM Free Advertising Co-op is designed to HELP build your downline team.  This co-op will send Hot Prospects to the landing pages of our members in a “round robin” fashion from On-line and Off-line advertising, but as with any advertising, we cannot guarantee results. 

Q: How do I build my business after the 6-Month Free Advertising Co-op Period?
A: Our ExpressMLM Team offers various Marketing Materials, Resources & Systems that can be used in building your business, including a Paid Advertising Co-op!  Plus, as a Power Lead System member you’ll learn how to generate Social Networking Leads, absolutely FREE!  Check out the Marketing Resources Page for complete details.  

Join Our ExpressMLM Team Today!

Join JDILife and Power Lead System

Refer back to the emails you received for the links to these 2 very Lucrative Affiliate Programs.

Send Me Your ID Information for Each Program.

Once you have joined these affiliate programs, send me your Contact Information, Including your ID and unique Web Address for Each Program. See below on how to send information.


Once I verify that you have joined our team in both programs, I'll add you to the ExpressMLM Free Advertising Co-op and your business will be up and running!

Note: To participate in the Free Advertising Co-op you must be active in JDILife (JDI International) with at least one Bottle of Product Monthly and at the Gold Level of the Power Lead System.  

Once You Have Joined JDILife & Power Lead System, Simply Submit Your ID or Username for Each Program to ExpressMLM… and You’ll be Added to the FREE Advertising Co-op!

Then Do This...